The Work-arounds

If you have established that your camera is modified, then it is time to consider your options for getting around the problem. Read each of the work-arounds that applies to you before deciding which to try.


The Trade-In 

The Half-Way Trick

The Microswitch Removal Method

Neutral Density Filters

The Sports Mode Method

The Fake Lens-Cap Trick

The Hoya/Schott Solution


Other Ideas (untested)

It has been reported that it is possible to enable exposure controls using the RM95 LANC controller (read/write version) from Sony. I have no details on this or what models it works on and would appreciate more information.

Infrared blocking filter removal : This involves opening the camera and completely removing the filter that the NightShot switch moves aside. This is not recommended because it then renders the camera useless for normal filming.