UV & Protecting Filters

Protect your camera lens

When filming in any environment with your camcorder, the lens is always vulnerable to dust, dirt, scratches and fingerprints. Obviously, replacement of the lens itself is a very costly exercise and not something you'll want to be faced with. Repeated cleaning of the lens can lead to tiny scratches in the surface as you wipe away dust and other small particles.

If you are filming infrared x-ray, you may be using and expensive and hard to obtain filter which is protecting the lens but may itself become scratched leading to the expense of replacement.

UV (ultraviolet) filters and clear glass lens shields are a practical precaution against lens and expensive filter damage. They are very easy to obtain and are usually very cheap. Clear glass filters have no effect on the picture but UV filters can help reduce reflection and give a more accurate reproduction of skin tones and skies. A UV filter will have no effect on infrared x-ray whatsoever as an infrared filter should already be blocking ultraviolet light.

The filters shown above are the Hoya Skylight 1B in 37mm (UV) and the Laser LS-1 in 46mm (clear glass).