Step Up Rings

Rings of various sizes

Most recently made Sony Handycams use 37mm filters and some of the new smaller Handycams use 30mm filters. Panasonic NV series camcorders use 43mm filters. Step-up or adapter rings allow you to fit a filter of a different size onto your camera.

If you are searching for infrared filters in your locality, you may not be able to find the appropriate size for your camcorder. This is particularly true of Tiffen and Hoya infrared filters purchased from photography shops.

There is a very wide choice of ring sizes allowing almost any filter size to be fitted to any camera lens. 30mm to 37mm rings are available to allow you to fit the commonly found 37mm infrared filters to the new smaller lens of the Handycam. 

Check your camcorders operating instructions or the actual lens surround itself to establish the size.

Typical location of filter size information