The M&K 1000

Uses RG1000 Glass

This filter is the newest addition to a range of custom made infrared filters available from The filter is currently available  in 37mm & 49mm.  If your camera requires 43mm, use a 43mm to 49mm adapter ring.

It is constructed using Schott RG1000 filter glass and a high quality ring. The combination of these two parts makes for a high quality filter with a very clear picture owing to Schott's special crystal composition glass.

Testing has shown that this filter combats Sony's modification and can be used to film in sunny conditions without further work-arounds or modifications.

The filter begins transmission at around 1000nm and performs very well indeed. The level of light transmission peaks at a higher level than the Hoya RM100 making for a very slightly brighter image (though the difference is very small). The transmission curve also differs.

There is some controversy over whether this filter is better than the Hoya RM100. In my opinion this is largely to do with light conditions, possibly placing this filter ahead in lower light. Take a look at the Hoya and Schott comparison charts for more details.

This filter merits serious consideration.