The M&K 093

Identical to the B&W #093 

Recently, M&K started producing a 37mm version of their #093 filter. This was probably due to demand for 37mm filters increasing. 30mm and 43mm versions are not currently available.

It is constructed using a piece of 37mm Schott RG-830 glass, fitted into a standard 37mm ring. The ring is a branded, quality part made by Tiffen. 

The glass used is without question high quality. The same type used in the B&W filter which gives very good results in many conditions, particularly days with some cloud.

The filters transmission begins at around 830nm, which of course is identical to the B&W unit shown above. The filming results should be the same too.

This filter is a direct equivalent of the B&W #093. Optically there is no difference between the two and to the eye the only difference is the ring.