The Hoya/Schott Solution

The new Handycams from Sony which are fully modified (no control of exposure in Nightshot mode) need only a Hoya RM90 or better still, a Hoya RM100 or Schott RG1000 based filter to film in daylight.

The Hoya RM90, RM100 and Schott RG1000 have transmission characteristics which mean that the maximum amount of light passing through the filter is lower than many other makes. The graphs shown in Hoya and Schott comparison charts show this clearly.

The image above was taken using a fully modified new Handycam and a Hoya RM90 filter in bright sunny conditions. The effect can be seen clearly. The RM100 and RG1000 reduce light even more than the RM90 by only giving a maximum transmission of 75-85% within the range of the CCD.

Many other filters will have attained 90-95% transmission at this point.

All indications so far point to this working with every fully modified Handycam.