About the Guide and Its Authors


NightShot - Originator and Author of the Guide

The lack of reliable information and the desire to further research and improve infrared x-ray drove him to create the Guide and spend a great deal of time and effort establishing facts. This has sometimes been very difficult due to the nature of the activity.

Nightshot has contacted many people around the World in an attempt to prove or disprove the theories of others and eliminate the contradicting information found on different pages. Over time, the Guide has been updated as new information and corrections have become available.


ROBO - Co-Author and Technical Researcher

Since the Guide was established, Robo has become a co-author and writes articles on technologies and equipment related to the subject.

The equipment owned by Robo and Nightshot differs which provides insight into the way various models of Handycam and filters behave together. Many of the pages not specifically credited with Robo as an author contain much input from him.

Robo's input to the Guide is accurate and valued highly.


YOU - Reader and Contributor

The information and assistance provided by the readers of this page is very valuable and we thank you all very much for the time you give.

The Guide has grown very large in a short space of time because of the experiences and discoveries others have shared along with our own research.