The Infrared X-Ray Guide



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Introduction An overview of what infrared x-ray is all about and where it originated from.
How Infrared "X-ray" Works A technical insight on the principals and technologies used in this method of filming.
The Cameras The requirements for a video camera to be used for filming infrared x-rays.
Checking your Handycam How to check your Sony Handycam to establish its state of modification.
The Work-Arounds Beating Sony's modifications to the Handycam so you can use it for infrared daylight filming.
All about Infrared Filters A comprehensive list and review covering most of the infrared filters used for infrared x-ray.
Checking your Infrared Filter A 'quick and dirty' check you can perform on an infrared filter to establish its suitability.
Infrared Filter Buyer's Guide Where to buy the infrared filters mentioned and how the suppliers responded.
Other Equipment A review of equipment which can be used with the Sony Handycam in connection with x-rays.
Other Equipment Buyer's Guide Where to buy some of the other equipment mentioned and how the suppliers responded.
Filming X-Ray Without a Filter A small experiment to establish how well this can work and the conditions which permit it.
Frequently Asked Questions Questions you have asked most often.
Infrared X-Ray Links A growing list of other web sites which contain information and example pictures.
About the Guide All about the guide authors and how to contact them with any questions or suggestions.